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Shocking Properties of Sacred Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves are the storehouse of antioxidants.

In almost every house in India, you will see a Holy Basil plant. While it has religious beliefs on the one hand, it is also used in the treatment of many diseases. According to Hindu scriptures, bacteria and bacteria are not able to enter the house where the basil plant is grown. Also, the atmosphere of the house is also pure.

In scientific language, Basil Leaves has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

Due to these qualities, Tulsi proves beneficial for you. It is capable of treating many diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Not only this, diseases related to colds, colds and trachea and swelling in the body can also be cured with the help of Tulsi. If it is said that Tulsi is an Ayurveda medicine, it will not be wrong.

It is not only used for worship, but it can also serve as medicine. We are going further in detail about how Tulsi is effective for health, skin and hair. We are calling Basil Leaves in Hindi as Tulsi Patta.

1. Immunity

It is believed that eating fresh leaves of basil daily can improve the immune system. Not only this, this tracheal disease can prove beneficial in asthma.

Also, problems due to weak immune system can be prevented from bronchitis and lung infections. In all these diseases, basil dilutes the phlegm and brings it out of the body. Also improves lung function, which gives you comfort.

Cold-fever and fever can also be cured with the use of basil leaves. If you have fever, just wash a few basil leaves and chew them.

Also, by boiling the leaves in water, drinking that water can also give you relief. Basil Leaves can also heal wounds caused by cuts and burns. Also prevents any kind of infection. You can use basil to improve the Immunity system

2. Cancer

Basil has lots of antioxidants which are one of the last ingredients in cancer prevention.

Basil not only protects the body from getting cancer, but it also helps in curing cancer.

show that people who eat basil regularly are less likely to develop cancer. The petrochemicals in basil, on the other hand, help prevent lung, liver, and skin cancers. It enhances the antioxidant power of basil. And does not allow cancer to spread.

The radiation that is given during cancer causes many problems. Someone’s hair goes up. Basil also helps prevent such problems caused by radiation.

Basil can prove to be beneficial in common diseases related to the body as well as in cancer. Scientists say that basil juice has radio protective properties, which can eliminate tumor cells that grow in the body.

In addition, eugenol is also found in basil, which has anticancer properties.

Also, basil contains essential phyto chemicals such as rosmarinic acid, epigenin, luteolin, myrtenal. They can also help fight various types of cancer.

3. Diabetes

Basil also helps to prevent diabetes. Various clinical experiments have shown that basil has anti-diabetic properties. Which helps a lot in preventing diabetes. Regulates excess glucose in the blood.

It protects the kidneys and liver from metabolic damage. Which is due to excess glucose in the blood.

4.Kidney Stone

Basil is also very useful to keep the kidneys well. It helps prevent problems like Kidney Stone. In the case of this problem, drinking a little honey mixed with basil juice helps to reduce kidney stones.

It is excreted from the body through urine. Basil leaves also help reduce uric acid in the body. Which causes kidney stones.

5. Heart

The use of basil reduces cholesterol levels. It is important for patients with diabetes, thyroid and high blood pressure to have normal cholesterol, otherwise it affects the heart. Basil leaves increase good cholesterol by lowering the level of bad cholesterol.

In this case, you can use basil. Basil has vitamin-C and antioxidant properties, which protect the heart from free radicals.

In addition, basil contains an element called flavoring, which does not allow blood clots to form in the arteries of the heart. This reduces the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases. According to an Australian study, basil can also be helpful in preventing heart disease. The benefits of eating basil leaves include a healthy heart.


Basil acts as an antibiotic. It protects our body from the bacterial virus, which causes fever.

In the case of fever, it is beneficial to boil basil leaves and black pepper in water and drink that water. Basil boiled water is also very beneficial for dengue and malaria fever.

7.Dental Problems

Basil eliminates bacteria inside the mouth. Due to which there are various dental problems. Prevents all these problems of the teeth. It also protects the teeth from turning yellow. Keeps the face extremely fresh.

As a result, there is no problem with bad breath. And it keeps the gums well along with dental problems. Prevents oral cancer. Which is the result of smoking? To avoid all these problems, eat tea with rose basil every day.

8. Sore Throat

Sore throat starts due to change in weather, eating anything cold, smoking or allergies.

If we stop smoking, we cannot run on other reasons. Therefore, you can use Basil leaves as a medicine if you have a sore throat. Some scientific research has also found that basil has anti inflammatory properties.

Basil Leaves can be used if there is any problem related to breathing and throat. For this, you boil basil leaves in water and then drink it. Also you can gargle with this water.

9.Eye Problems

These days everyone suffers from eye disease. If you have a similar problem, then start using Tulsi from today itself. Basil can protect the eyes from infections such as conjunctivitis as well as other diseases.

It has anti-inflammatory properties, which protects the eyes from free radicals. It is believed that Basil Leaves can also protect you from cataracts. Tulsi contains Vitamin-A, which is essential for eye health. You can also use basil in this way.

There are many types of fungal infections in the eyes. This results in allergies, redness, swelling, etc. in the eyes. Tulsi saves them from this. It also controls low vision problems. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients. Which helps to keep the eyes well and increase the eyesight.

10.Skin Infections

Basil also works well in various skin problems. Prevents browner skin problems. For this, it is beneficial to make a pack by mixing basil, Neem, and sandalwood.

It also helps to lighten other spots on the face. Use a pack of besan and Tulsi for this. Basil paste is also beneficial to brighten the skin.

Tulsi leaves are also found to have antibiotic properties, which can cure the skin disease caused by infection. Basil leaves are the cause of skin diseases. Basil Leaves does not allow bacterias to flourish.

In addition, basil also has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties, which protect against skin infection.

If there is an infection on your skin, then you should use this home remedy, so that you can get the benefits of basil leaves.


  • 250 grams Basil Leaves
  • 250 grams Sesame Oil

Directions of Use

  • Put basil leaves in sesame oil and boil it.
  • Then grind it into a paste.
  • Now apply this paste on the affected area.

11.Weight Loss

Some people have increased appetite when under stress and they eat excessively. This causes weight gain. As you read above, the intake of basil reduces the stress-causing cortisol levels. In this context, we can say that basil can be used for weight loss.

A recent study has also confirmed the effect of Tulsi in this regard. According to the study, an obese patient was given juice of 250 grams of basil leaves daily. This led to a significant improvement in the patient’s lipid levels and BMI. On this basis, basil can be said to be helpful in weight loss. Thus, the benefits of eating basil leaves include weight loss.

12.Sexual Venus Health

Basil Leaves is the primary Venus darkener. Drinking basil leaf decoction, cardamom powder, and one tola measure of sweets give metal sustenance as long as it tends to be eaten.

It is amazingly sexy. Drinking an inch of basil tree root each day fixes sexual brokenness.

Basil leaves are unique in preventing any kind of infection in the human body. It contains the antiseptic and anti-infective agents.


Basil works to detoxify the liver as well as cleanse the blood.

The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties present in its leaves remove toxic bacteria stored in the blood from the body. This is the reason that Tulsi cures nail pimples from outside as well as from inside.

A study in Thailand has also considered that with the help of basil, nail and acne can be treated.

You can make and drink Tulsi tea along with eating Tulsi for nail pimples. You can use this face pack to get the benefits of basil leaves for nail pimples.


  • Some leaves of basil
  • Sandalwood Powder (as required)
  • Rose water (as required)

Method of Use

  • First grind the basil leaves.
  • Then mix sandalwood powder and rose water into it and make a paste.
  • Now apply this paste on the face and leave it for about 20 minutes.
  • After this wash the face with cold water.

Uses of Basil Leaves in Hindi or Indian Culture.

After knowing so many qualities of Tulsi, you must have understood why Tulsi has been given so much importance.

With the help of this home remedy, you can not only cure pimples, but also get rid of blackheads and spots.

Its recognition is not only on religious grounds, but its scientific benefits have also been proved on scientific parameters.

If there is no Tulsi plant in your house, keep it in your courtyard or balcony as soon as possible, so that you do not have to run around for it if you need it in future.

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