Refer and Earn is a reward for the purchase of Friends.

Refer & Earn is a program run by every application or a website to grow their user base. In this program whenever you refer someone to install or on-board on app or website you will be rewarded for this effort.

Same is with Affiliate Marketing if you refer somebody to purchase any product, (can be a software, physical, which can be delivered to homes) you will get a referral commission for this effort.

Many companies in India and outside India run a program name as an affiliate program, once you need to join this program and understand the program with the Affiliate Manager of this company.

Once the Affiliate Manager approved to join this program, you will get a dashboard, commonly know as Affiliate dashboard, you can access the affiliate links and banners from this dashboard, one most important feature of this dashboard is that you can track the live activities on the Affiliate Link.

Now, Let’s come on Refer and Earn program and how can generate a passive income from this program.

This is because any of startups who enter into the market with a new idea and innovative idea, wants to grow his user base, so that he becomes popular with his idea in a short time, that why he launches Refer and Earn program.

refer and earn

Let us take an example: If an application/website share a commission of Rs.100 on every signup, luckily if 100 peoples download this app and create his account, you will be rewarded with a commission value of 10000 from a single referral app/website.

Sounds amazing, because 10000 in a single day without doing any job in the office, is a great amount.