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Fighting Congestive Heart Failure like a Superman

The most severe reason behind Pathophysiology Congestive Heart Failure is that the necessities required by the Human heart are not fulfilled, it means our heart is not able to pump the sufficient amount of blood which is required by the human body.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is broadly divided into two parts.

Systolic Heart Failure is due to the contraction of heart, if the hearth is not contracting properly, it cannot pump required blood to the body.

Diastolic Heart Failure is due to a relaxation of heart, it means if relaxation is not proper the heart cannot fill the blood and cannot supply proper in veins and capillaries.

In both, the case the blood flows through lungs is collected and converts into fluid results in the build-up of congestive fluid and whenever the blood is not circulated in the body the heart failure occurs which results in the death of humans.

And this whole process is known as Congestive Heart Failure, and the word “congestive” comes before heart failure because this happens due to congestion as there is a development of congestion inside the Lungs, which leads to death due to Heart Failures.

In this world, millions of people are died due to heart failure, so it’s our duty to avoid those deadly things are the are most participants in avoiding the heart to work properly.

If you looking to gain knowledge of how heart failure occurs and how to prevent the Congestive Heart Failure then you are at the right place, as you will get all the complete knowledge about this calamity in this article.

Now, you become aware of the two reasons of heart which results of heart Failure, now let’s go to another step where we will discuss why these type of problems comes to heart why our hearth is not contacted properly or not relaxed properly.

There are mainly two common reasons, because of these two reasons our heart is behaving abnormally like not contracting properly or not relaxing properly.

Coronary artery disease (Fatty Plague)

Hypertension (Narrowed Arteries)

Coronary Artery Disease is caused due to the fatty substance is starting deposited on the walls of blood vessels and due to this, the flow of blood through these vessels is decreased, because of this obstruction in the path the required quantity of blood is not reached to heart, which leads to congestive heart failure.

Another is hypertension, which means a sustained increase in the blood pressure because of the narrowing of arteries and blood vessels, which results in an increase in afterload, and results of both these abnormalities are that the stroke volume of blood by heart is decreased and stroke volume that that amount of blood which our hearth is pumped out or ejected on each heartbeat is known as stroke volume, which results in congestive heart failure.

As stroke volume is directly proportional to cardiac volume if stroke volume is decreasing than cardiac volume is also decreasing, which results in an increase of heart rate and the human heart is not getting proper filling time. So, we can say stroke volume and cardiac volume are similar as both are decreasing if the required amount of blood is not pumped by the human heart, ultimately this results in congestive heart failure.

In order to increase the stroke volume, human hearth does some structural changes to overcome the declination of stroke volume which is caused due to hypertension.

These structural changes are divided into two parts which are Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

In the Dilated Cardiomyopathy, the walls of the ventricle part of heart become thin in order to justify the loss of declination of stroke volume and ultimately it again unable to pump the required blood to the body.

In the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, the walls of the ventricle part of heart become thick and a little bit stiffer due to this there no proper filling of blood in the heart and the amount of blood required to eject from the heart is decreased.

And the 3rd and last harm due to a decrease in cardiac output is the short supply of blood to Kidney, due to the decrease in blood supply to the kidney, it releases a hormone named as renin in order to overcome the short supply of blood.

And Renin hormone makes Angiotensin which does the secretion of Aldosterone which is a Steroid Hormone does the retention of Sodium and Water in human blood, as we all know human blood is made up of several components, it contains erythrocytes, leucocytes, thrombocytes (platelets), plasma and rests part contains water, electrolytes, plasma proteins, etc. as blood holds 8% of human body weight.

As the Aldosterone hormone increases the volume of water in the blood, due to the increase in the volume of water substance in the blood, the two types of heart failure occurs, one is left side heart failure which is known as Pulmonary edema and another is right-side heart failure which is known as Peripheral Edema, which results in congestive heart failure.

This is the complete Pathophysiology Congestive Heart Failure.

To avoid the situation of heart failure or death, pre precautions and are always beneficial so we have created a post on Facts for a Healthy Heart, you need to read and focus on this topic very seriously as it matters to our life. so w

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