Vidharkand Whit Wood Pueraria Tuberosa Indian Kudzu

Hemorrhage disorders
Urinary tract disorders
Heal cuts or swelling
Reproductive health
Digestive health.


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Vidharikand Safed Wood Pueraria Tuberosa

It is commonly known as Indian Kudzu or Nepalese Kudzu in Hindi, perhaps in Sanskrit is called Bhukushmandi.

Vidharikand is a climber with a woody tuberculated stem. It is a climbing, coiling, and trailing vine with huge tuberous roots. The tubers are globose or pot-like, around 25 centimeters across and the inner parts are white, bland, and somewhat sweet. Leaves are trifoliate and exchange, while the flyers are egg-molded, with round base and inconsistent sides.

Vidharikand or Kudzu is facing extinction in the wild as a result of herb trackers who exchange the tubers unlawfully to specialists of pharmaceutical or Ayurvedic organizations.

Operating at a profit advertise, the red assortment kudzu tuber of around 10 kg is accepted to be over the top expensive running up to lakhs of rupees. The tubers are not upset from the plant, however, the specialists draw the juice of the tuber utilizing syringes.

Vidharikand is an important herb in the Ayurveda, known for its Spanish fly and rejuvenating consequences for the body. Otherwise called Indian Kudzu, Sural, Chavya, Pipla Mool, Vidarikand, or Pueraria Tuberosa, this therapeutic herb is pressed with various medical advantages.

It helps in treating shortcomings, corrosiveness, discharge issues, and urinary tract issues. This herb is helpful for boosting memory, recuperate cuts or expanding, to improve regenerative wellbeing, to advance lactation, and advance stomach related wellbeing.

Vidharikand has been utilized in different ayurvedic details as a therapeutic tonic, antiaging, spermatogenic and invulnerable sponsor and has been suggested for the treatment of cardiovascular illnesses, hepatosplenomegaly, fruitfulness issue, menopausal condition, sexual debility, and spermatorrhoea.

Various bioactive phytochemicals, generally isoflavonoids, for example, puerarin, genistein, daidzein, tuberose, etc have been recognized in the tuber.

In vivo and in vitro investigations have offered the help against customary requests of the tuber as a spermatogenic, invulnerable supporter, love potion, calming, cardiotonic, and mind tonic.

In any case, further investigations are required to characterize the dynamic phytochemical creations and to approve its clinical utility in the homegrown plans for human employments.

This survey gives a review of conventional applications, current information on the phytochemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology of P. tuberose.

This audit likewise gives conceivable theories about how different isoflavones especially puerarin, genistein, and daidzein, separately or all things considered, might be answerable for the helpful potential against a wide scope of infirmities.


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