Tumbru Beej : Nepali Dhania : Zanthozym Armatum

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Tumbru Beej: Nepal Dhania: Zanthoxylum Armatum

Zanthoxylum may be a very beneficial herb of Ayurveda wont to treat various disorders thanks to its versatile medicinal properties. Fruits, bark, and seeds of this efficient herb are wont to prepare various neröal formulations in Ayurveda. Traditionally tender and smooth twigs of this herb are used as natural herbal remedies tor treating bleeding gums and cavity.
Due to its volatile oil present in fruits of this herb, make it useful tor the preparation
of various cosmetics, deodorants, and dental products Zanthoxylum is an evergreen thorny or small tree that grows up to a height of 6m. Leaves are glabrous, pert-pinnate, and 10-30 foliate. The plant contains very minute and little reddish or white-colored flowers.
Beautiful fruits are subglobose and reddish-brown in color and every fruit contains one seed within the foliage. Seeds also are round in shape and glossy black in color.
Zanthoxylum is especially native to North America, but it’s cosmopolitan in northeast India from Kashmir to Shutan. Also found in other countries like Nepal, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, and Japan.

Uses of Tumbru (Zanthoxylum Armatum)

  • A decoction prepared by using tumbru bark and fruits is employed as a stimulant for the gastrointestinal system and also beneficial for treating fever, indigestion, and cholera it’s also
    used to overcome general weakness within the body.
  • The smoke of herb tumbru is extremely beneficial for treating chronic asthma.
  • A lukewarm poultice of fresh leaves of tumbru with rice flour is employed to scale back excessive inflammation and pain within the neck and throat.
  • A cold decoction prepared by tumbru bark is employed to wash wounds and ulcers it’s a really effective antiseptic.
  • This herb is employed both externally and internally
    for quick healing of wounds and ulcers.
  • Fruits of this amazing herb are very effective herbal remedy for dental caries_ It helps to alleviate severe toothache and bark of this
  • The plant is employed within the preparation of toothpaste and tooth powders.
    Oil prepared from this herb is extremely effective antiseptic) ant-microbial and wont to kill bad odors.
  • The beneficial oil of this herb works like gandhöiroza and essential oil.

Health Benefits of Tumbru (Zanthoxylum Armatum)

  • Tumbru works nndeäully on pachkaagnL It helps to stimulate the low digestive fire and also helps to assist with various intestinal and stomach related problems.
  • As a stimulant, it helps to enhance digestive tire and promotes the method of digestion It also helps to enhance
  • This herb helps to pacify vitiated Vata dosha within the bod}h It helps to fight against various Vata dosha related disorders like flatus, bloating, abdominal distention, severe abdominal pain, headache, and joint pain.
  • The bark of tumbru helps to pacify vitiated Kapha dosha It helps to excrete out extra phlegm and provides relief in tract problems. It helps to fight against congestion and high inflammation and really beneficial for treating asthma and cough.
  • This herb is employed as a stimulant for the gastrointestinal system and also for our system It helps to enhance our strength and immunity to fight against various serious disorders.
  • Tumbru is additionally very beneficial herb for treating diarrhea and underlying symptoms of this disorder
    consistent with Ayurveda, a decoction prepared by the bark of this herb may be a very effective remedy for treating cholera.
  • Oil prepared by tumbru with another herb is employed to treat severe earache.

Medicinal Uses of Tumbru (Zanthoxylum Armatum)

  • Tumbru may be a very effective antibacterial and antiseptic in nature It helps to stop our skin and internal body cell from the intense infections of micro-
  • Hypoglycaemic actions of this herb make it potent to fight against diabetes It helps to scale back the high glucose level in our blood and stop our body from
    the risk of diabetes.
  • Tumbru may be a very efficient stomachic, it helps to enhance our digestion and maintain normal health of our gastrointestinal system. It fights against various serious disorders of the alimentary canal
  • It helps to kill and expel out intestinal worms Decoction of the bark of this herb helps to alleviate colic pain, flatus, abdominal distention, and indigestion in small children.
  • Diaphoretic actions of this herb help to open the block sweat pores and promotes the method of sweating. It helps to scale back excessive fat and really effective herb to cure obesity.
  • It helps to spice up and improve our immune system It maintains a traditional molecular level of body cells and provides strength to our system to fight against free radicals and micro-organisms.
  • The carminative nature of this herb helps to fight against flatus, bloating, abdominal distention and chronic constipation & This herb may be a very amazing herb for treating dental problems It makes our gums healthy and beneficial herb that cures toothache
  • Bark and seeds of tumbru help and relieve congestion. It helps to cure excessive inflammation of tract and good for sufferers of asthma, cough, and customary colds.
  • Root paste of the bark of tumbru is applied over wounds and ulcers externally for quick healing
  • A decoction prepared by leaves, fruits, and bark of this herb helps to alleviate excessive inflammation and pain in joint problems. It is good for the treatment of gout, rheumatoid and arthritis.
  • It is also used as a mouth freshener it’s wont to treat bad odor of the mouth and mouth sores. it’s also good to prevent gum bleeding
  • A poultice prepared by using the bark of this herb is applied externally to alleviate swelling over various parts of the body.


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