Shivlingi Seeds :‎Bryonia Laciniosa : Gargumaru

Female infertility
Impotence & Oligospermia
Fever Management
Obesity & Weight Loss


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Shivlingi Seeds:‎Bryonia Laciniosa: Gargumaru

Shivlingi Beej or Shivlingi Seeds are used for the treatment of female infertility. it’s a uterine tonic and improves the probabilities of conception in women affected by infertility. It is a fertility enhancer herb utilized in Ayurveda alongside Putrajeevak Beej.

However, it’s different ayurvedic properties and supported these properties, it reduces Kapha Dosha. Therefore, Shivlingi seeds are more beneficial if the patient has more symptoms of increased or aggravated Kapha. it’s not suitable if the patient has aggravated or increased Pitta Dosha.


Basic Information

Botanical NameBryonia Laciniosa
Botanical SynonymBryonopsis Laciniosa, Diplocyclos Palmatus
Common NameShivlingi, Gargumaru
Plant FamilyCucurbitaceae  – gourds or squashes
DistributionIndia – Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand
HabitatTropical & subtropical regions


Medical and Health Benefits of Shivlingi Seeds

Female infertility

Shivlingi Seeds promotes fertility and increases the probability of getting pregnant. It also helps to normalize the cycle if the patient has light periods with a touch blood flow.
According to ayurvedic analysis, it’s more beneficial if the patient is obese or overweight and has absent menses, light menstruation, having a sense of heaviness within the lower abdomen and feeling of puffiness or swelling during the premenstrual and menstrual period.

It is also beneficial if a lady with infertility affected by depression alongside a sense of sadness and laziness, emotional eating, leucorrhea, increased sleep, and swelling in legs or the entire body.
If the patient has thick mucus during her period or yeast infection, then it’s also best suited. In such cases, Shivlingi should be utilized in maximum dosage and Putrajeevak Beej shouldn’t be used, or if required, then Putrajeevak is often taken in reduced dosage (around 500 to 1000 mg).

Along with Shivlingi, the patient should also get treatment of the underlying explanation for her infertility. If there’s no cause and periods are regular and normal, then Shivlingi and Putrajeevak Churna for 3 to six months on a daily basis. If you’ve got some symptoms or any problem together with your periods, you ought to also see your doctor for the proper proportion of Shivlingi Seeds and Putrajeevak Beej powders.

Impotence & Oligospermia

In traditional medicine, Shivlingi is employed as an aphrodisiac. it’s a fertility booster for men too. It increases masculinity and testosterone level within the body. it’s considered as a possible testosterone booster. thanks to this reason, it’s utilized in men for treating impotence. Shivlingi seeds even have spermatogenic action. Therefore, Shivlingi seeds improve the spermatogenesis process and improve the entire count.

Shivlingi Seeds reduces the blockage of several channels within the body by clearing the surplus Kapha and Aam. This mechanism also improves the availability of nutrients to the testes and blood flow to male reproductive organs, which ultimately helps to enhance the method of spermatogenesis and treat impotence.

Fever Management

Shivlingi has antipyretic, anti-fever, and anodyne effects. The antipyretic action of Shivlingi leaves is comparable to Paracetamol.


Shivlingi contains Glucomannan, which may be a natural dietary fiber. it’s a water-soluble fiber and forms bulk within the intestine absorbing water content and aids movement.

Obesity & Weight Loss

Shivlingi has anti-obesity action and its regular use reduces weight and body mass index (BMI). Its anti-obesity action is probably going to be attributed to its constituent Glucomannan, which may be a good natural fiber that helps for losing weight.

Safety Profile

It is best suited for patients that have Kapha Dosha aggravation and fewer suitable for people with increased Pitta Dosha.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Consumption of Shivlingi is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There are not many side effects reported in women that take it for infertility treatment and unknowing consume it during the primary trimester of pregnancy. There are not any side effects and abnormalities observed on the fetus with Shivlingi.





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