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Semal Chaal : Bombax Malabaricum : Bombax Ceiba

Semal chaal/Shalmali (Red Silk Cotton Tree) is an enormous deciduous tree, up to 15-20 m tall. The branches are short, basic, and comprehensively adjusted. It is the base of a major tree. There are numerous thistles on the tree. Their pinnacle is tight and sharp and the base is very thick.

Semal chaal leaves additionally fall toward the finish of winter. Blossoms sprout in the long stretch of Falgun and huge and splendid red blossoms sprout in the period of Chaitra.

At that point, it appears that the tree is ablaze. The petals are thick and delicate like velvet. The blossoms store a sort of sweet fluid, so the flying creatures run to the bushes to extinguish their thirst. ThenCorn-molded organic products are ready in April. On the off chance that the organic products are not picked from the tree, they will grow consequently and the cotton and seeds will come out.

Therapeutic properties of Semal chaal

1. In a youthful age, 8-10 grams of youthful Semal chaal root with a little sugar will fix the issue.

2. In sex with a grown-up, the youthful Semal ought to be cut into little pieces, dried and powdered, blended in with two grams of around one cup of hot milk. At that point, that difficult will be expelled.


3. If there should arise an occurrence of unexpected beginning of bodily fluid and grisly loose bowels, balanced and a half grams of Semal chaal mocharas [a sort of concentrate (stick) comes out from the storage compartment of Semal chaal tree, that is mocharas. It is sold in the market in the wake of being dried.) Powdered goat’s milk Reading will stop, the runs will be altogether diminished.

4. Looseness of the bowels causes passing, yet not the runs. For this situation, the stem of semal chaal is 3-4 cm. Cut it into 10-15 grams and absorb it one-and-a-half cups of boiling water. After 30 minutes, crush it and strain it.

5. Even on the off chance that you drink water, you won’t get parched. All things considered, you can pulverize 6/7 grams of semal chaal leaf follows a little and absorb them one gram of water, strain it rapidly and drink it 2/3 times to decrease the thirst.

6. In the event that you have a ceaseless hack – hair is leaving, however, nothing uncommon is coming up, for this situation 1 gram of mocharas powder with 4 teaspoons of hot juice of basak leaves once a day will fix this hack.

7. In ladies, it is conceivable to fix it by spreading a little ocean salt and taking 2 grams of it two times every day.

8.(A) semal chaal rice contains tannic corrosive and it is harmful, so on the off chance that you apply semal chaal bark in that place on the hair bubble, it will consume in 2/3 days and the bubble will likewise recuperate.

(B) When the consume rankle dissolves, there is an injury and it is all the more aggravating.

As indicated by the old doctors, by blending mocharas with semal cotton and applying it on the consume wound, the consumption wound will recuperate rapidly and the power of consuming will likewise be diminished.

9. Hemorrhoids are relieved by bubbling 3 grams of dried blossoms, 3 grams of poppy seeds, and a large portion of some goat’s milk with 3 cups of water and keeping it in a cup. At the point when it is cold, it is pressed, filtered, and eaten two times per day in the first part of the day and evening.

10. If there should be an occurrence of gonorrhea, youthful semal chaal root is diminished by drinking 5-10 grams of water in candy with bete candy.

11. On the off chance that the looseness of the bowels of kids isn’t spotless, clogging can be relieved by bubbling one or one and a half grams of dried blossoms and taking care of them rapidly.

Role of semal chaal for Employment

Semal chaal delicate wood is likewise utilized in the creation of press boxes, matches, and compressed wood and in the assembling of paper mash. A sort of oil is acquired from cotton and seeds from the product of semal.


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