Paneer Dodi : Withania Coagulans Rishyagandha

Activates Pancreas for better Utilisation of Insulin
Controls Diabetes


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Paneer Dodi: Withania Coagulans: Rishyagandha

Paneer Ke Phool is understood to possess medicinal properties and is great for diabetics.

Let’s dig in deeper to understand if Paneer Dodi really helps in managing this condition.

Paneer Dodi not the cheese that’s made up of milk, rather, this cheese may be a quite plant, whose flowers have miraculous medicinal properties.

These paneer flowers are the foremost effective Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes patients.Today, diabetes (a disease) is bothering most of the people within the world.

An increasing amount of sugar within the blood causes many problems. But the utilization of paneer dodi can easily control glucose dissolved within the blood (blood sugar).

Aside from controlling diabetes, paneer doda is additionally beneficial in many other diseases like sleepiness, asthma, and diuretics.

Allow us to tell you the advantages of paneer dodi and therefore the right thanks to using it in controlling diabetes.

Medical and Health benefits of Paneer Dodi

Diabetes is one of the foremost common diseases that involve a variety of metabolic disorders that cause a spike in blood glucose levels.

Paneer Dodi is going to trigger thanks to a genetic disposition, lifestyle, or dietary habits. it’s linked with numerous health conditions like obesity and a variety of heart ailments.

Diabetics often got to look out of their diet, considering it’s going to help manage the condition better, if not cure it completely.

Health experts suggest several natural remedies for managing diabetes, one among these methods involves the usage of paneer k Phool, or also referred to as Indian rennet, Withania Coagulans, or paneer doda.

Paneer Ke Phool(Paneer Dodi) may be a flower that’s native to India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. it’s known to possess medicinal properties and is great for diabetics.

Let’s dig in deeper to know how paneer ke phool helps in managing this condition. If you’re a diabetic, this might come handy to you.

How does Paneer Ke Phool Help Manage Diabetes?

Paneer Dodi is an efficient treatment for type 2 diabetes patients.

Actually, by consuming it, the body can use insulin better, thanks to which the method of dissolving sugar within the blood slows down.

Aside from this, paneer doda keep your pancreas healthy (pancreas is that the organ that creates insulin hormones).

Diabetes patients can keep their blood glucose in check and lead a healthy life with the daily use of this flower.

It is a herb which is employed for diabetic management. it’s the skills of not only regulating the insulin level inside our cells;

but also repairs the beta cells of the pancreas which are the producers of insulin.

In diabetics, beta cells present in islets of Langerhans are damaged; hence type-2 diabetics’ body is unable to supply insulin,

which is why an outer source is required. this is often where paneer ke phool or paneer doda comes into play.

A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) concluded that regular consumption of Withania Coagulans for 30 days significantly improved glycaemic status.


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