Makoy Phal : Solanum Nigrum : Black Nightshade

Macoy Phal


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Macoy Phal: Solanum Nigrum: Black Nightshade

The scientific name of Makoy is black nightshade the opposite name is Black Night Shade its characteristic features love it is that the small, erect, soft and delicate herb of Ayurveda with smooth and sot branches and stems Makoy has many medical benefits like- analgesic, reduces pain and inflammation, expectorant, sedative naturally, and diaphoretic properties. Makoy herb also manages skin problems like burns, itching, and pain, etc. if applied locally.

Makoy may be a common herb or short-lived shrub, found in many woody areas, also as other habitats, it’s of 12 to 47 inches, leaves are 1.6 to 30 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide and is ovate or heart-shaped The flowers are greenish or whitish petals, which are curved and surround with bright yellow anthers. These makoy berries are purple-black to dull black and 6-8 mm in size In India, these berries turn red once they are ripe.

Health Benefits of Makoy Phal

  • For painful joints poultice of leaves are prepared and applied locally.
  • Roots of the plant are used for insomnia The roots are boiled in water and a decoction is ready and filtered and brought 10-20 ml.
  • Ear drops are prepared from lukewarm juice of leaves to urge relief from pain in ears
  • Stomatitis is understood as inflammation within the mouth of the mucosa. Chewing fresh
    leaves of this herbal plant is useful.
  • In this condition, juice often plant is given. Fresh juice is extracted and heated within the earthen vessel until its color changes this is often given during a dose of 25-50 ml for a few days
  • In spleen enlargement, the decoction of the plant is ready. during this decoction sendha, namak is mixed with cumin seeds, and this decoction is taken once.
  • For the disease of the skin, a paste of leaves are prepared and applied externally
  • The fresh leaves are cooked like we cook vegetable by adding onion and jeera_ The fresh leaves juice is additionally taken for managing the stomach and
  • Consume berries for better respiratory health.
  • Juice of this herb is employed to treat fever and to alleviate pain.
  • Juice also counter difficult menses
  • The fruit of Makoy is beneficial in cosmetics. Rubbing seeds on cheeks remove freckles
  • Various skin issues like acne, psoriasis, freckles are often treated with Makoy.
  • Used as an enema in infants affected by abdominal upsets
  • A Decoction of stalk, leaves, and roots of this herb is useful for wounds, and cancerous sores in gum diseases
  • In eye diseases like conjunctivitis and itching sensation, the attention is fumigated with leaf applied with ghee and butter.
  • Strengthen hair roots to enhance the color of scalp hair.
  • Treat urticarial patches, ginger is pounded with the juice of Makoy and given during a dose of 20 to 30mL




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