Kutaj Bark : Holarrhena Antidysentrica : Kuda Chaal Kurchi Chal

Gout Fever
Uterine Disease
Bloody Diarrhea
Stomach stone


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Kuda Chaal: Holarrhena Antidysentrica: Kutaj Bark


It has long been known in Indian Ayurvedic tradition. it’s known in Sanskrit as Kuṭaja or Ambika.

It is also referred to as “white angel” within the Philippine and in Thailand, it’s called Pudpitchaya.

Kuda Chaal is also known as (Kutaj, Tellicherry Bark), The color of the bark is red and brown

The color of the bark of the furrow is red and brown, the taste of its bark is bitter, its constipation can be caused by excessive use of the bark of bud.

kuda chaal cures spleen disease, phlegm disorder, and diarrhea. It removes piles, destroys stomach worms, and calms the burning sensation.

Treatment of various diseases with Kutaj Bark

Gout Fever

Take 5 grams of kutaj Padmakh 5 grams, dry ginger 5 grams, red sandalwood 5 grams, Giloy 5 grams, parwal leaves 5 grams, and coriander 5 grams. Mixing all these together and making a decoction, cures the Vata-bile disease.


Make a decoction of the kuda chaal of buds and take 10 to 40 ml in the morning and evening to cure chronic fever.

Uterine Diseases

To remove looseness of uterus and vagina after delivery, make a decoction of kuda chaal and take 10 to 40 ml in the morning and evening. It removes the uterus and vaginal loosening.

Bloody Diarrhea

Bloody Diarrhea is cured by eating the powder of kuda chaal and powder of Indraja.


Make a decoction by grinding an equal quantity of kutaj bark, flaxseed, belgiri, khas, Netrawala Motha, coriander, etc. in 250 ml water.

When there are only 50 ml of water left, then filter it and mix honey and take it to the patient. It stops bleeding and diarrhea in diarrhea.
In the case of diarrhea, giving honey mixed with a decoction of the kutaj bark is beneficial.
Make the powder by grinding the kuda chaal, indrajau, rasaut, atis, dry ginger, and the flowers of these grains together and take this powder with honey and rice water. It cures the sprue (dysentery) disease.

Stomach Stones

Grind the Kuda bark and mix it with curd and take daily, the stone gets melted. By consuming it daily in the morning and evening, old stone also ends.


Grind the Kuda Chaal and drink it with sugar syrup, it cures leprosy.




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