Jamalgota Seeds : Croton Tiglium : Nepal Seed

Eliminate constipation
Treatment of Bones


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Jamalghota Seed : Croton Tiglium : Nepali Seeds

Jamalghota Seed (Croton Tiglium), also called Purging Croton, is the most powerful laxative, which has a stimulant action on bowel movement.

Basic Information

Scientific NameCroton Tiglium
Hindi NameJamalghota
English NamePurging Croton

It has potent effects, which results in cramps during defecation and loose stools.

Jamalhgota Seed (Croton Tiglium) kernels contain approximately 50 to 60% croton oil. Croton seed oil contains about 17 fatty acids.

They believe loose motions stimulated by croton Tiglium help in curing skin diseases because this process removes disease-causing toxins via the final section of the large intestine.

Croton Tiglium (Jamalgota) is helpful in following health conditions.

  • Persistent and obstinate constipation
  • Hair Loss (very rare use)

All parts of Croton Tiglium (Jamalgota) have strong purgative action. Therefore, the general benefit of Jamalgota is to eliminate constipation.

As we know about Hadjod this is a very rare Herb for treatment of Bones.


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