Indrayan Beej : Tauma Seeds : Colocynth Seeds

Stomach Pain


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Indrayan Beej: Tauma Seeds: Colocynth

Indrayan Beej is also known as Tauma Seeds.

It is an effective medicine for Jaundice, Cough, Stomach Pain. This is very effective in reducing the poison of the body.

Identify the wonderful herb Indrayana that destroys the biggest diseases.

Benefits of Indrayan

In this article, the identity and benefits of Indrayana are told, by seeing which you can take advantage of it.

Know Indrayana by different names in different languages.

Sanskrit – Indravaruni, Mahendra Varuni

Hindi Indrayan, Marathi – Indrafal, Gujarati, Kadva Keathimba, Indravana, Bengali – Rakhal Shasa, English – Colossinthe

There are 3 types in Indrayan found in India mainly in desert parts of Rajasthan, small Indrayan, big Indrayan or third one is red Indrayan.

Benefits of Indrayan

Equal quantity of Indrayan oil is mixed with coconut, if applied the hairs are black.



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