Harmal Seeds : Peganum Harmala Syrian Rue

Helps in curing Asthma.
Effectively eliminates tapeworm infestations
Helps in reducing sleeplessness and Insomnia, with its narcotic properties.


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Harmal Seeds: Peganum Harmala Syrian Rue

Peganum Harmala, otherwise called Harmal, is a perpetual plant of African cause, chiefly developed in the Middle East and in parts of South Asia predominantly in India and Pakistan. It is otherwise called Syrian regret and Wild lament. It develops to about 2.5 feet ? 1 foot tall and is antagonistically known for its different employments.

One of the fundamental employments of Harmal incorporates the extraction of colors. The seeds of the plant are accepted to discharge a red color, called the “Turkey Red”, regularly used to color covers in Western floor coverings. Found passionately in the shiny heaps of Himalayas, from Afghanistan to Kashmir, noticeably in Ladakh and the Kashmir Valley, Harmal additionally has some apparent restorative qualities.


Being a therapeutic plant, Harmal Seeds are utilized in different Ayurveda prescriptions. The seeds particularly the dried seeds of the plant, leaves, bark, and underlying foundations of the plant have high therapeutic possibilities. Systematic investigations on the synthetic organization of Harmal Seeds show that the beta-carboline alkaloids, for example, Harmalol, Harmaline, and harmine are the explanation behind the clinical utilization of this plant in different Ayurvedic medications.

The Harmal (Harmal seeds) plant shows certain restorative properties like the invigorating activity on the engine tracts of the focal sensory system and cerebrum. Prior, this plant was utilized as a sexual enhancer and a purifier. With every one of these properties, it has hostile to bacterial properties also.

Different Benefits of the Harmal Seeds

  • Viable in giving help in remittent and irregular fevers. Additionally helps in relieving interminable jungle fever.
  • Aides in relieving Asthma.
  • Successfully disposes of tapeworm pervasions. The alkaloid harmaline, present in the herb shows anthelmintic properties.
  • Aides in lessening restlessness and Insomnia, with its opiate properties.
  • The plant is clearly compelling in restoring troublesome and difficult monthly cycle and assists with directing menstrual periods.
  • It impacts the secretin of bosom milk in lactating moms.
  • Profoundly successful in the fix of laryngitis or the irritation of the larynx.
  • The glue of the underlying foundations of the plant with mustard oil assists with slaughtering head lice when applied remotely.

With such a large number of properties and advantages of Harmal seeds, the measurements and the correct utilization of the herb ought to be investigated. Overdosage may prompt toxic substances and show extreme responses to the sensory system. Subsequently, the right measurements of the medications produced using this herb ought to consistently be remembered.


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