Gokhru Seeds :Tribulus Terrestris : Pedalium Murex

Relief from Headache
Pedalium Murex or Gokshura Benefits in Asthma
Gokhru Kadha Beneficial in Digestion
Gokhru or Gokshura to Fight Diarrhoea
Gokhru Kadha in Dysuria
Gokshura Benefits in Kidney Stone


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Gokhru Seeds: Tribulus Terrestris: Pedalium Murex

Did you hear the name of Gokhru earlier! it’s a really rare herb (Herb). Consuming bunions can help in removing many diseases of the body. Gokshura Seeds for Kidney is taken into account beneficial in relieving diseases. Gokhru seeds desi treatment is taken into account for kidney stones. There are some ways to urge relief from urinary calculus Pain, but Gokharu is often a panacea for this. Gokhru Seeds for Diabetes is additionally considered beneficial. Gokshura also can be effective in controlling blood glucose.

Not only this, but bunions are also considered beneficial for increasing the steroid hormone testosterone in men.

Gokshura  For Hair is taken into account beneficial in removing many diseases alongside your skin.


Medical and Health Benefits of Gokhru (Tribulus Terrestris)

Gokshura Benefits in Kidney Stone

Due to the lifestyle and polluted diet of today people are troubled by the matter of stones.

Consumption of bunions helps in removing stones in a natural way. After eating 5 grams of Patanjali Gokharu Churna with 1 teaspoon of honey thrice each day, after feeding goat milk from above, Ashmari breaks down.

Relief from Headache

In today’s stressful life, more and more people are getting victims of headache disease.

Drinking 10-20 ml kadha within the morning and evening provides relief from the headache caused thanks to increased bile. Using Gokshura during this way will benefit.

Pedalium Murex or Gokshura Benefits in Asthma

Due to today’s pollution-filled environment, many of us are getting victims of asthma. Consumption of Gokshura during this way provides quick relief from asthma.

Consuming 2 grams of gokhru powder in 2-3 pieces of dry figs 3 times each day continuously for a couple of days is useful in asthma.

Taking an equal quantity of Gokshur and Ashwagandha, mixing 2 teaspoons of honey in its fine powder, and drinking it twice each day with 250 ml milk provides relief in respiratory problems and weakness.

Gokhru Seeds Powder in Digestion

Gokshura is straightforward to digest food for the person whose digestive power is weak. Mixing 5 grams powder of peepal powder in 30-40 ml bunions of the bunion and drinking it a touch increases digestion power. the utilization of this bunion is extremely beneficial.

Gokshura to Fight Diarrhoea

If there’s diarrhea after eating spicy food, then bunion is extremely useful. Feeding 500 mg cow-nut powder with whey twice each day is useful in diarrhea and diarrhea.

Gokhru Seeds Kadha in Dysuria

Urinary tract disease causes tons of urinary problems, like pain and burning while urinating, intermittent urination, less urination, etc.

Putting 125 mg Honey  (one teaspoon) in 20-30 ml Gokshura Kadha and giving it two or 3 times each day is useful in urination.
Mixing the basis of a bunion (10-15 grams) and an equal amount of rice together and boiling it in water and giving it to the patient leads to urine.





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