How to make $5,000 a month via Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is one of the powerful marketplaces for freelancers and therefore the Fiverr affiliate program may be a great opportunity to form money online.

Everyone can join the program and you don’t even get to have an internet site which may be a requirement for many affiliate programs.

This article will take you through the sign-up process, details of the program, and supply recommendations on the way to promote Fiverr for the affiliate program.

Table of Contents

  1. Fiverr Affiliate Program
  2. Program Overview
  3. What is Fiverr Commission Plan?
  4. How to Make Money With The Fiverr Affiliate Program
  5. Pros vs Cons
  6. Fiverr Referral Program

This Affiliate Program facilitates publishers and online marketers to earn commission by referring products and services that are listed on the Fiverr website.

To start receiving the advantages of the Fiverr affiliate program, you’ll need to first create an account.

Note: this is often not an equivalent as your Fiverr account that you simply use for selling or buying.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Overview

Powerful and self-tested effective ways Make Money With the Fiverr Affiliate Program.

The first thing to consider is that  Fiverr Affiliate Program pays you a commission just for orders placed by first-time buyers (FTBs). FTBs aren’t people that have already got an account on Fiverr, albeit they need never bought anything.

Now let’s mention the great things; what’s great about the Fiverr affiliate program is that each one links include a 12-month tracking cookie. If someone clicks on your link and buys something within 12 months, you’ll get a commission for that order.

Another advantage of the fiverr affiliate program is that you simply can promote your links to people in 160 countries. Simply put, if the customer isn’t from the US, but from an approved country on the list, you’ll be paid your commission.

Also, the affiliates can use the deep-linking feature in order to directly promote products and improve sales.
Deeplinking facilitates that they will connect an immediate link to the merchandise or service, thereby allowing the customer to form a sale directly.

Commissions earned on Fiverr are often withdrawn to your PayPal or checking account.
The platform pays out commissions once per month, but as long as you’ve got earned quite $100.

On the Fiverr Marketplace platform where freelance services like writing, design, marketing, editing, video, etc. are often bought or sold. The commission for these services ranges from $15 to $50.

Also, the commission you’re paid depends on the sort of service that the customer purchases.
For example:

Powerful and self-tested effective ways Make Money With the Fiverr Affiliate Program.

  • Write a piece of writing about outsourcing blog posts and list a few of various platforms that outsource these services and include Fiverr, If your article was well-written, you’d likely get many conversions from your link.
  • Promote the Affiliate Links on Social Media Platforms, Fiverr has around 200 categories which you’ll promote. for several of those, you’ll be ready to find dedicated or related Facebook groups and forums.
  • Also, you’ll use social media platforms indifferently by answering the questions and clearing the doubts and share the affiliate link to get the service.

Let’s say you would like to market WordPress services on Fiverr which have an honest, $40 commission, so start to research the web site where modification is required, modification is often anything like SSL, Plugin, Theme, CSS/JavaScript Installation, etc.

If you only spam your affiliate link everywhere on Social Media, I guarantee that you simply won’t have success, this is often my personal experience.

If you would like to make $5000 a month, you should focus on the services that have CPA $50, such as

If you would like to use the platform for affiliate marketing and make $5000 a month, then you simply need 100 people to shop for Fiverr Services from your links.

It’s not difficult to make the present number(100), if you’ve got an internet site with a gentle flow of traffic, you only need only 4 buyers during a span of 24 hours i.e per buyer every 6 hours.

If we convert this amount into INR, considering today’s value of 1$ i.e INR75, then it comes to a massive amount of 3 lacs 75 thousand.

If you still earn like this continuously for the subsequent 2 years you’ll accumulate an amount of 90 lakhs and in from amount you’ll easily purchase a Mercedes-Benz-GLS using Fiverr Affiliate Program.


Mercedes Benz GLS Fiverr Affiliate Program
Mercedes Benz GLS Fiverr Affiliate Program