Cipla Immuno Boosters 30 Quantities in just Rs.28 after ₹200 PayPal Cashback.

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Here are the Steps to avail the Offer :-

1. Signup on Lybrate From ✈ Here

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Cipla Immuno Boosters

4. Fill the Address  Details Like Name , Mobile No , E-Mail , Gender , Age , Pin-code etc. ☟

5. Here The MRP of product Is ₹299 and ₹15 is discounted automatically , ₹56 will be automatically redeemed through Lybrate Cash (20% of the Order Value  after discount is deducted automatically from Lybrate Cash). Now the Net amount you have to pay is ₹(299-15-56)=₹228.

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Now by using this method you have purchase Activkids Immuno Booster worth ₹299 in Just ₹28.

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What is LybrateCash

₹1 LybrateCash is equal to ₹1 and you can use Lybrate Cash worth upto 20% of the Payable Amount. For e.g is your payable amount is ₹.800 and you have ₹1000 in your LybrateCash Available Balance then you can use ₹160 LybrateCash and your effective payable amount would be ₹640 and the expiry of your LybrateCash is 180 days from the date of credit to your Lybrate account.

Now Lets Discuss about the Facts of This Product on Indian Kids as this Product is made available by Cipla for 3 Age Categories.

Immunity statistics of Indian Kids :-

✈ 4 out of 10 children don’t receive full immunization during infancy, making them prone to conditions such as recurrent stomach infections.

✈ 1 out of 3 Urban Indian children suffers from upper respiratory tract infections, symptoms being frequent cold and cough.

✈ More than 75% of urban Indian school children suffer from Anaemia. These children witness poor body growth and remain underweight.

✈ Vitamin A deficiency affects the healing power of the body. Compared to global standards, India has the highest number of kids suffering from Vitamin A deficiency.

✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈IMPORTANT ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈

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