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Freelancing VS Full Time Jobs

Freelancing VS Full Time Jobs Pros and Cons.

Freelancing is an art of completing the task in the ample amount of time , it totally depends upon YOU.

Full time Jobs in average are 30 to 50 hours in a week or more than that.

Freelancers can complete the tasks even in 2 hours a day , it depends the way in what matter the work is completed.

Now let’s talk about Pros and Cons of Full Time Jobs and Freelancing Jobs.

  • Pros of Full Time Jobs.

Full time Jobs have consistent income which is going to be credit every month at some fixed intervals.

As a Freelancer we got some benefits like Paid if we are on off ,medical Facilities , Employee Insurance , Provident Funds.

Here you got community of individuals and positive environment to work Around.

  • Cons of Full Time Jobs

We have to sit with our Butt from 9 to 6 i.e 8 to 9 hours.Here

Here we have to spend the Time in Commute from our Residence to Office.

We are unwillingly to work with some peoples whom we don’t like to work with them , these peoples can be our Managers.

It will be Sucking our Emotions if we don’t like our Work if Mangers are forcing us to complete the work.

Similarly we have no option to choose the work we like the most , if we asked our company for the same.

We don’t got any time to Pursue our Personal Interests & Activities like Movies, Outings , Outstation Travelling, Passions.

Now Lets discuss the Pros and cons of Freelancing Jobs

Pros of freelancing Jobs.

If we are doing freelancing we are not permanently employed with some company or Organisation.

However Freelancer can work with different Employers.

Also we have option to complete the Task when and how , so that we can also managed our Personal Activities like travelling , Outing.

Being as a Freelancer it wont matters when we are doing the tasks , it can be anytime between dusk to Dawn even in midnight.

Here We can work from Anywhere , there is no spend of time in commute.

Freelancers are having a awesome Lifestyle as they can manage their own living style.

Usually the other Lucky working peoples do only in weekends.

NOTE : I mentioned lucky because working peoples have offs usually on weekends, and their Weekends are busy.

Here we are not getting time to complete them in entire week except Weekends.

Cons of Freelancing Jobs.

If we are not self motivated and unorganized with the Time management we might struggle with that Freedom.

We have no Sick , Earned Leaves, No Vacations like in Companies.If we are getting sick , then we are not getting paid for the day.

I hope this Article benefited you about the Pros and Cons between Freelancing VS Full Time Jobs.

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