Bicchu Phal : Kaknasa : Matynia Annua : Hata Jori

Skin Infections
Urinary Tract Infections
Osteoporosis (Bone Disease)
Urinary Tract Infections
Asthma and Libido
Pregnancy and Menstruation

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Bicchu Phal : Kaknasa : Matynia Annua : Hata Jori

Bicchu Phal is also known as Hata Jori, Garuda Mukku, and kaktundi and martynia annua.

Just as a tingling spreads in the skin when a scorpion stings, so do the scorpion touching the plant. That is, on touching the scorpion herb plant, your skin starts feeling like a tingling or burning sensation.

Its scientific name is Artica Dioica. If we talk about its cultivation or it is cultivated in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America.

Health Benefits of Bicchu Phal ( Rudraksha Ratna)

Blood Circulation

Vitamin C and abundant iron are found in the Bicchu Phal to stimulate the production of red blood cells present in the blood. Due to its properties, it helps to increase blood circulation in our body, to heal villages and to provide oxygen to the upper parts of the body to increase energy levels.

During Pregnancy and Menstruation

To reduce the discomfort of women undergoing excessive labor pens, they are advised to drink tea related to scorpion herb.

The scorpion herb, which acts as a coagulant, also prevents excess bleeding.

Consumption of scorpion during menstruation can relieve women from cramps and swelling to a great extent. It regulates the changes in the body after menstruation and also controls the blood flow, acting as an astringent.

Asthma and Libido

Bicchu Phal is also used to relieve respiratory diseases such as asthma or seasonal allergies.

Several types of research have also led to the conclusion that mixing its extracts with other herbs can control the allergic reaction. Tea made from this should be taken by the asthma sufferer.

The scorpion herb can maintain arousal in the body for a long time, by increasing the level of the testosterone in our body. Due to this property, it is considered an effective way to improve sex drive.

Urinary Tract Infections

Bicchu Phal is also known for its diuretic properties.

Due to its properties, it helps in the treatment of stones in the bladder, bladder infection, and other urinary problems. Let me tell you that it is also helpful in the treatment of loose motion and dysentery.

Osteoporosis (Bone Disease)

There is a possibility of finding an element called boron in the Bicchu Phal. Boron is linked to calcium responsible for keeping our bones fine. Overall, it is very helpful in reducing the effect of osteoporosis.


Many beneficial nutrients are found in Bicchu Phal. Some of them also act as detoxifiers for our bodies.

That is, it removes toxic substances from the body. A scorpion herb is known as a urine stimulant also stimulates the lymphatic system. This prevents unnecessary poisonous substances in the kidneys.

Beneficial in Inflammation

The Bicchu Phal reduces pus-related problems such as joint or muscle pain. The reason for this is that it is a stimulant and rubifeshont substance. For this, you can also drink tea made from it.



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