Bathua Seeds : Chenopodium : Lambsquarter Seeds

Gall Bladder Excreta
Stomach Worms
Increasing Digestive Power
Spleen Disease
Relief in Piles


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Bathua Seeds : Chenopodium: Lambsquarter Seeds

Bathua seeds are rich in amino acids, which are the basic building blocks of the body, Bathua leaves are a very good source of high-quality protein, nutrients, antioxidants, potassium, iron, calcium, and zinc and vitamins, particularly vitamin c and vitamin d.

This small looking green plant is extremely beneficial, its use in winter helps to stay many diseases away.

Bathua is a vegetable or greens that, despite its quality, grow automatically in the fields without any special labor and care.

Health Benefits of Bathua Seeds

Bathua Seeds are used to be a cleanser and purification of hunger-enhancing Gall bladder excreta.

It is useful for the eyes and eliminates stomach worms.

It increases digestive power, increases interest in food, eliminates constipation of the stomach, and sweetens the tone (throat).

Bathua eliminates liver disorders and increases blood by increasing digestive power.

Erases body dysfunction. If the place round the liver is tough, thanks to jaundice, then giving six grams of Bathua Seeds within the morning within the morning is useful.

Grind the Bathua Seeds on the cob and apply them sort of a boil, it cleanses the dirt of the body, removes the stains of the face.

Eating its greens is beneficial in spleen disease and the outbreak of bile.

Mixing a touch salt in its juice and giving it two spoons twice each day relieves stomach worms.

The urine comes open by mixing candy within the juice of the leaves.

Eating its greens provides relief in piles. The kitchen comes open. Relieve pain.

Washing colored and silk clothes with its decoction leave stains and keep the color-safe. Anorexia, Argin, loss of appetite, constipation, Eating its greens is extremely beneficial in disease jaundice.

Eating greens is useful generally weakness and weakness after fever. Eating Bathu Saag is useful in metal weakness.

Health Benefits of Red Bathua

Red Bathua is more useful than green qualities. thanks to its use, the craze of Vata, bile, phlegm is destroyed, and strength increases.

Consumption of red bathua seeds is useful within the difficulty of passing urine. Cooking it in expressed almond oil is useful in TB cough.

Regular constipation, boiling its leaves in water, and adding sugar (no sugar) and drinking it is very beneficial.

This water is additionally beneficial for kidneys and mace.

This water is useful in the swelling of the spleen. If swelling is more, grind the boiled leaves and apply it on the spleen. Red Bathua may be a heart enhancer, boils.


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