Bakayan Phal :Chinaberry : Melia Azedarch

Skin diseases
Mouth Ulcers
Hair Dandruff
Skin Burns


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Bakayan Phal: Chinaberry: Melia Azedarch

Bakayan Phal or Chinnaberry is used in curing numerous ailments like piles, skin diseases, mouth ulcers, dandruff, gout, inflammation, and so on.

Skin diseases such as ringworms, eczema, itching, or skin burns can be treated using fresh leaves juice.

Many people think the Bakayan and Neem tree are similar because the Bakayan tree is like a Neem tree.

Bakayan or Mahanimb leaves or fruits also have the same taste as neem, but in reality, the two are different. Bakayan is also an herb tree and has many medicinal properties.

You can benefit from the use of Bakayan in case of headache, mouth ulcer disease, goiter, respiratory diseases, stomach pain, stomach worms.

Not only this, but the medicinal properties of Bakayan are also beneficial in diseases related to piles, cheek bladder stone, diabetes, pregnancy disorder.

According to Ayurveda, leucorrhea, cystic, arthritis, itching can also benefit from the medicinal properties of baccarat.

Apart from this, you can also benefit from leprosy in leprosy, typhoid fever, wounds, skin diseases, epilepsy, and inflammation.

The tree of Bakayan is found everywhere, so let us know what benefits and disadvantages can be caused by the Bakayan tree.

Medicinal Properties of Bakayan Phal (Maha Neem)

Its root is pungent, hard, pillar, thermogenic, vedanahar, clarifier, antidiabetic, antiperspirant.

Its leaves are like pillar. Its root bark is anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant.

Its seeds are wormwood and coffer. Its seed oil is desiccant, vermifuge, clarifier, quick-smelling and powerful.

Other names of Bakayan Phal are :-Habbul Ban, Sabhabh, Zanzalakht, Ghora Nim, Mahanim, Sen shu, Lien chou, Persian Lilac, Pride of India, Chinaberry Tree, Common Bead Tree, Azadirak commun Melia azedarach Linn, Zedrachbaum, Persischer Flieder, Chinesischer Holunder, Paternosterbaum, Bakanlimbodo, Bakain, Bakayan, Mahaneem, Turaka Bevu, Huchha Bevu, Chikka Bevu, Melia azedarach, Bakananimb, Tak, Drek, Mahanimba, Himadruma, Parvatanimba Vraksha, Bakain.


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