Amba Haldi Wild Turmeric : White Curcuma Amada

Intestinal Worms
Cough and Asthma
Skin Infections
Tooth and Gum Pain


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Amba Haldi – Wild Turmeric: Curcuma Amada


As we Indians are very known to Amba Haldi and its effects, but in this topic, you get complete information about Amba Haldi.

It is the same as traditional Haldi but the only difference is its roots are bigger in size and color is reddish from inside when we cut it, it resembles and looks like a Ginger (adrak).

It is commonly found in India and Indonesia, and after looking at the effects it is grown and produced in other countries also.


Effects of Amba Haldi on Human Body Ailments and Disorders

  • Amba Haldi is a killer for Intestinal Worms, by consuming Haldi regularly, stomach and intestinal problems will be sorted out.
  • It is very effective for patients of Cough and Asthama.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory effects it helpful on swelling, wounds, and Skin Infections.
  • It is very effective in stopping the infections, if someone is attacked by a viral infection then a small dose can stop this infection.
  • Tooth Pain is completely removed by this haldi, just mix a little bit of Hing (Asa Foetida) and make small pills of that and place under your teeth, your tooth pain will be completely cured.
  • If blood is coming from your Gums, then add some Haldi powder to your toothpaste, if used regularly for 1 week, your pain of gums will be stopped.

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