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Amazon Free Shipping is legally availed after Purchasing the Prime Membership of 999. However many people are using some tricks to get free delivery without Purchasing Prime Membership.

So Let’s discuss this insane method to get Free Shipping on every item

Generally, people are adding some unnecessary products to make their cart value more than 599. Let’s say you want to purchase an item worth 400 and you need a product worth 299 to get free delivery from Amazon.

For Amazon Free Shipping without Prime Membership you need to add any unnecessary product of 299, in order to make the cart value 599 to get free delivery.

So, after accepting the delivery of both the Items, Initiate a return request for this unnecessary product of 299. After that, the product will be picked up by Amazon and you will be initiated with the refund equal to the product value and so you will get the product of 400 in free delivery service without Purchasing Prime Membership.

But this trick will be risky. If you are using this Loophole very frequently on every order, Amazon will ban your Amazon Account for making any future purchases.

Finally, you will not be able to use this Amazon Account to place an Order.

But Not worry.

We are here to help you, If you don’t want to purchase Prime Membership, we will place orders to your Address, you only need to submit the link of the product which you wants to purchase, We will place the order within 2 hours of receiving the Order request.

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