Amar Bel Green : Akash Bel : Cuscuta Reflexa Dodder

Bilious Disorder( Liver Dysfunction)


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Amar Bel Green: Cuscuta Reflexa Dodder

Amar bel is a parasitic vine twining herb related to the Morning glory family. It is also known as Akash Bel in Hindi and Cuscuta in English.

This plant can grow without roots, soil, and water.

In the villages of India, the juice of Amar bel is used for the treatment of jaundice.

A warm paste of this bel is used to treat rheumatism, infertility, inflammatory conditions and paste of the whole plant is used for the treatment of headache along with these human body disorders,

Seeds of Cuscuta Reflexive (Amar/Akash Bel) are rich in carminative and anthelmintic properties and used to treat the bilious disorder ( dysfunction due to bile juice secreted from the liver).


Medicinal Properties of Amar Bel


If there is distaste in someone’s face or if they do not want to eat, boil it and drink that water, the feeling of distaste will go away.


If there is a wound in the face, boil it and rub it with that water and the wound heals quickly.


If there is a problem with flatulence, crushing the seeds of Akash Bel is beneficial.


Worms get better by collecting seeds from Akash bel tree and crushing those seeds.

The wound heals quickly when it is crushed and applied to the wound, for the same you have to collect it and crush it and apply the paste on the wounds, also very effective in jaundice is better if it is crushed and consumed.

Other names of Amar bel are:-

English name – Cuscuta or Hell Weed, Devil’s gut; Beggar Weed, Scald weed, Dodder of thyme, Dodder plant, Lesser dodder, and Greater dodder

Hindi name -Akashbel, Amal beli Kasus: Agas Bel

Sanskrit name – Akashvalli, Akashbhavana, Akashpavana, Amarvalli, Antravalli, Amaravallari; Khavalli, Vyomavallika

Bengali name – Akasbel, Swarnalatha

Marathi Name? Nirmuli, Nirmuli Akashvela

Assamese name – Honborialoti, Akashilata

Arabic name – Kosuth, Tikhme kasus

Telugu name – Lanjasavaramu, Savarapukada;

,pogunulu, Passi teega; Sithamma-savaram, Sitama purgonalu,Sitammapogunulu, Sithammasavaram,Nilatara.


Cuscuta is a very good herb for managing gastrointestinal problems. Its general action as an anti-inflammatory agent helps to prevent and control any type of swelling or inflammation in the entire gastrointestinal tract.

It is used effectively as a purgative and clear out bowel in case of constipation and other similar problems. In the case of worm infestations, the

strong purgative action of the herb helps to expel worms along with fecal matter in the process of clearing out the colon.

Basically, it is a very effective herb tor managing minor belching, flatulence, indigestion, constipation, and intestinal inflammation, etc.

In this process, it helps to detoxify the liver and reduce its toxic load helping in improving liver functions and bringing them back to normal.

Similarly, it helps to enhance the spleen function.

In the case of associated digestive troubles like piles or hemorrhoids, its decoction can help to suppress bleeding and regularize bowel habits.

Thereby preventing aggravation of symptoms and improvement in the quality of life of that person.

For external use, its powder can be mixed with honey and other herbs tor local application over open wounds and any kind of skin allergies or


Amar Bel is very effective to remove the baldness of hairs.

It is used in various ways to prevent hair tall and improve scalp condition for people having dandruff.

The text also refers to anti-fertility action to the plant which may be attributed to its “Stambhana” properties.

If you want to know Amar bel, researches, and its origination visit here


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