About Us

About Us is most commonly used by all types of businesses.

to give more insight into a business.

So, because customers view you About Us page will spend 22.5% more than those that don’t.

And, according to Blue Acorn, those who view it are 5x more likely to make a purchase.

You’re About Us page is vital.

It’s often the first step in any user’s journey through a website or blog.

It also shouldn’t be their last, because first impressions count online just as much as they do in the real world.

If your visitors aren’t impressed, you can expect them to leave without reading your awesome content or completing a conversion action (e.g., signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase).

You’re About Us page should give the information of a particular website like who they are and what they are doing.

  • Informative. It doesn’t always have to tell the whole story, but it should at least provide people with an idea of who and what you are.
  • Contain social proof, testimonials, and some personal information that viewers can relate to such as education, family, etc.
  • Useful and engaging.
  • Easy to navigate and accessible on any device.

That may all sound complicated, but it really isn’t.

The main purpose of your About Us page is to give visitors a glimpse into the identity of either a person or business.

As users discover your brand, they need to distinguish what sets you apart and makes you… you.

This often requires finding the right balance between compelling content and a design carefully planned to look the part.

Conveying your identity in a fun and approachable – but also reliable and informative – way is challenging.

If you know who you are and your goal for your site, the About Us page should come naturally.

However, if you’re looking for some inspiration, you can always check out these 25 examples of creative and engaging About Us pages.

These excellent examples will help you build a personal and engaging website journey.

Getting to know people is hard, but getting to know people online, is even harder. 

Human beings are not one-dimensional. We all sound, look, behave, and even smell differently, but these traits (some, thankfully) can’t be experienced from behind a cold, digital screen.

No matter how advanced technology gets, there will always be a divide keeping us from truly knowing a person we’ve only spent time with online.

Unfortunately for marketers, the same difficulties could be said about brands. In fact, it’s often harder to establish a personal connection with brands across the wide expanse of cyberspace.

It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C, understanding and coming to trust a brand spurs from knowing more about them — and crucial component of this is the about us page. 

There isn’t an exact formula you have to follow — you simply want you’re about us page to be interesting, informative, and personable. You want to give your prospects a reason to fall in love with your brand. 

  • Focusing on your buyer persona and the value they get
  • Providing testimonials, case study data, and other facts that prove your value
  • Making the page visually appealing with photos and videos
  • Showing personality

But every business and buyer persona is different.

To help you build or redesign your about us page (and give your buyers what they really need to know about your brand) here are 28 of the best about us pages we’ve ever come across. 

The hero image gradually transitions between several large, vibrant images that grab your attention without being too distracting, then as you scroll, it lists a few basic facts about the company, as well as some impressive real-time stats showcasing the popularity of their community.

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